Tips To Make Your Residential Garage Door Safe & SecureOne of the theft prone element of every home is an overhead door that protects a garage and home from intruders. This door is considered a weak aspect that can risk the security and safety of a property, in case a forced break-in takes place. In most of the cases, garage is attached to a home and even a minor security breach can result in a great trouble. Though homeowners take adequate measures to protect and secure their property, they often forgets to concentrate on the garage doors. An insecure or damaged overhead door is a golden opportunity for burglars to get inside your place.

Few effective ways to secure your garage door are:

  1. Cover the windows: If you have installed an insulated garage door, do ensure that its windows are bolted. Cover them with blinds or curtains, so that no one can peep inside. In case you want direct sunlight to enter inside the garage, opt for installing opaque or translucent films on the glass. This will not restrict the light and will prevent people from seeing inside.
  2. Install motion detector lights: Lights that automatically turns on after detecting a motion is one of the effective way that makes a burglar realize that someone is working inside the garage. These lights work by detecting moving objects and people.
  3. Secure the door with an alarm: When it comes to securing your home, opt for installing security alarms on the garage door. Programs this alarm in a manner that it rungs up every time the door is touched. By having a high quality alarm system, one can deter away the burglars along with offering extra protection to your property.
  4. Keep the remote secure: Last but not the least, never leave the garage door remote anywhere in the home or inside the car. In case, an intruder gets access of your door remote, he can easily operate the overhead door to steal away the vehicle or to gain entry inside a home.

These are the few tips that can effective in ensuring a safer garage or home. While choosing to install a steel garage door, never forget to secure it. Call in our professionals at Edmonton garage door service for consultation and service.