How Commercial Garage Doors Different From Residential Garage Doors

When thinking about investing in a new garage door, it is crucial to understand the characteristics of a commercial overhead door or a traditional residential door. Residential doors are specially designed to protect your personal belongings and commercial doors are designed for warehouses and industrial buildings. The main difference between these doors is commercial overhead doors are made with heavy panels and hardware.

Understanding the difference between these two doors will help you make the right decision.

  1. Style and design: Commercial doors are totally different from residential in style and design. Residential doors are available in various designs that will match with your house structure and color. On the other hand, commercial or industrial doors will be plain. You can buy glass panels to make the industrial door a little more attractive. But probably, you will not find a very ornate style in industrial doors.
  2. Cost: You may know or don’t know, but commercial doors are a little bit expensive than residential doors. However, these doors are also more durable. If you are going to use the door several times in a day or put the door through heavy use, the commercial door is a good option for you. It will offer you high return on investment. Before making your decision, once consider the difference in lifespan and saving with commercial overhead door.
  3. Size matters: Traditional residential overhead doors are available in 7 foot height and these doors are designed for one or two car garages. But on the other hand, commercial or industrial doors are larger than residential. Because businesses need larger overhead doors for loading and unloading of the material supplies and for the parking of large trucks.
  4. Material of the door: Generally, residential overhead doors are made with fiber, aluminum, wood, synthetic and metal material. These doors are lightweight and can easily be opened if the opener fail to perform. Commercial or industrial doors are made of galvanized steel or an aluminum blend. Because these doors are larger and heavier, very difficult to open by an individual if the opener fails.
  5. Opening direction: Most of the industrial doors are rolled up toward the ceiling. As a business owner, you don’t want to leave an open area on the sides of the door to open it. That is why roll up overhead door is the right choice. However, residential overhead doors are available in swinging and sliding options.
  6. Durability of regular use: The overhead door at your house is opened a few times in a single day. But the door of your office may be opened various times a day. The extra wear and tear or regular use of the door could destroy the overhead door. If you know you are going to use the door several times a day, you should invest in a more durable door.

When it comes to investing in a new residential or commercial overhead door, it is crucial to comprehend the differences. Traditional residential doors are not available in large size and also these doors are not made to be opened dozens of times each day. To know more about them, call us at Edmonton Garage Door Services.