Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Which type of opener should I buy?

Ans. Both belt and chain drive openers are built with same mechanisms. The major difference is the belt drive is much quieter than chain drive. If your bedroom is above or adjoining the garage, belt drive should be your ultimate verdict. However, the chain drive is highly reliable when it comes to performance and endurance.

Q. 2. From where I can buy a garage door opener?

Ans. It is advised to buy garage door openers from a renowned company only. They provide openers with a solid rail and chain that minimizes the chances of buckling and bending over time. The openers that have bought from local the hardware store are less durable. If you buy an opener from a hardware or retail store, it may cost around $200 – $ $115.00 for installation. However, the average cost of an opener bought from a reputed garage door company can be around $350 – $ 450.

Q. 3. Why do I need an insulated door?

Ans. There are major two reasons why people need to buy insulated garage doors:

  • Insulated doors are more durable and reliable as compared to non-insulated doors. Insulation makes the door robust and dent resistant.
  • They also render great energy efficiency. Well insulated doors maintain balance between the inside and outside temperature.

Q. 4. How can I maintain the pristine condition of my garage door?

Ans.1) Visual inspection of the crucial moving parts of the door is utmost important. Visually inspect the cables attached to the spring system on either side to the bottom brackets. If you encounter frayed or rusted cables, immediately call up reliable and trained technicians to replace the cables to avoid any mis-happening.

2) Check the spring of the door periodically. Operate the door manually to check whether the spring is lifting the door effortlessly or not. Spring works under a lot of pressure and must be replaced or adjusted after a few months. Make sure the repairs or adjustments are performed by professional technicians.

3) Keep an eye on the rollers and track. If you hear some weird noise while operating the door, get it checked by technicians. Try to lubricate the rollers, also replace the worn out roller bearings and fix the bent tracks, to preserve your opener.

4) It is advised to apply silicone with Teflon spray lubricants to the opener chain, track, hinges, springs, drums and rollers twice a year. Avoid using heavy grease as it can collect the dirt and worsen the door operation. Wipe out the grease residues properly after lubrication.

Q. 5. If one of the 2 springs breaks, should I replace both?

Ans. The door springs must be replaced as a set. If one spring has broken down, there are high chances that the second one can also collapse anytime. The enduring power of springs decrease with age. One new and one old spring together can create hassle in door’s performance.

Q. 6. My garage door opens half way and then reverses. What to do?

Ans. Make sure the door travel path is clear and nothing is obstructing it.The safety sensors must be working properly.Try to operate the door manually to sense any obvious obstruction. Check the possible signs of noise and imbalance in the door.Avoid increasing the travel force on the opener as it can damage the opener gear or housing.

Q. 7. How to access the garage door if the power fails, opener stops working or I left the remote inside?

Ans. In such case, you can use the emergency release kit. The lock mechanism is placed into a hole on the door. The opener releases the inside door, once the lock is pulled through the hole drawing the cable attached to the opener. This allows easy manual lifting of the door.

Q. 8. How to program my garage door remote?

Ans. There are two ways to program the garage door remote – dip switch style and learn code style. In dip code style you just need to match the number of the switches located inside the remote and at the back of the opener. However, if the opener is furnished with learn code button technology, just activate the learn button and press the remote button twice.

Q. 9. How to program a keyless pad?

Ans. Dip switch style and learn code style are the two ways to program a keyless pad. You need original programming instruction to program the keyless pad or you can also buy a new version of keyless pad. However, in learn code style, you can push the learn code button and enter the code and press ‘enter’ twice to accept the code.

Q. 10. What to do if the chain on the opener get loose?

Ans. Such situation arises when there is an excessive pull on the opener. Check the chain sprocket, it must not be broken or bent. Operate the door manually to check for the extra weight that you may sense. You can tighten the tension screw located above the door opener.

Q. 11. How to use the manual release on the garage door opener?

Ans. To release, pull the rob down and back or forward depending on the opener model to keep it detached. To reattach, pull the rob down and metal leveler up or lead the pin to the trolley’s end and run the opener till it engages automatically.

Q. 12. What to do if the safety sensors stop working?

Ans. Make sure that the path between the two sensors is clear. The sensors must be facing each other and must not knocked our of alignment. Check the wires from the sensor and replace the broken or cut wires.

Q. 13. Is it safe to replace the broken spring or cable myself?

Ans. The cables and springs work under a lot of pressure. They can be repaired with special tools and by trained technicians only. So, it is advised to call a professional to handle these parts of the door.