Garage Doors Cable

Often broken or faulty garage door cables are a matter of great concern for homeowners. Worn out cables can let your garage doors get strangled half the way impeding your normal life. Vancouver residences and businesses can take advantage of our industry leading garage door installation and repair services. We can service or offer regular maintenance to garage doors of all models and makes. Our highly skilled and fully trained professionals can attend to your calls round the clock and render a matchless service that is best in the industry.

Springs, pulleys and cables are highly sophisticated parts in the modern day garage doors. It is essential to maintain and service the garage doors on a regular basis to ensure a smooth and trouble free operation. Any neglect in this regard can cause faults and injuries. With continuous usage, garage door springs are prone to damage. You need to service them regularly.

Also called as lifting cables, garage door cables feature a large steel wire made of smaller strands of steel wires. Their design features ensure flexibility, strength and durability together. You will see garage door cables fixed to the door lifting systems on one side and to the weights on the other side. During every position of the garage door, they keep the door balanced. Excessive tension in the cables can cause frays. Old and un-serviced springs might snap anytime and might cause injuries. We can undertake to maintain and service your garage door cables and offer you a smooth and rouble free operation.

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