Garage Door Style & Color Can Enhance

Garage doors can dramatically transform the most outdated home settings into the most elegant one. But, unfortunately they are often taken for granted and their seldom use overshadow their advantages. Earlier, garages were nothing more than a hidden place to store useless things. But, today they cover the one-third facade of every residential establishment. So, they have eventually become the most important design element than before. It adds curb appeal, elegance, color and personality to your home. However, while selecting any paint for the garage door, make sure it doesn’t rob the attention away the home.

The paint color of the door influence the overall appearance of your home. If you buy a door that you cannot paint again, make sure the color of the door goes well with your home for a long time. However, garage doors aren’t that large or difficult to paint. That’s why most of the people consider choosing wooden door. Wood can be painted to match the color combination of your home exteriors.

Which Color is Right For Your Garage Doors?

  • Homeowners who want to grab the attention towards their homes architecture rather than the door, they need to paint the door the same color as their homes. This will not divert anyone’s attention off your home and also make it look larger.
  • Make sure the trim around the door should be either of the same color as of the door or should match the trim of your house. However, you can experiment with contrasting colors for obtaining eye-catching appearance for your home.
  • Avoid painting the garage door the same color as of your home’s doors. This will make your home look drowsy and degrade the appearance of the house. You can try blending different shades to get an amazing color combination that add elegance to your home.
  • A garage door not only adds instant curb appeal, but also enhances the real estate value of your property. You can various hardware and accessories to the door to make it look stunning.
  • If you have a brick home, choose any contrasting color that can compliment your brick or rock facade. Don’t paint the door similar to the brick color. Select a close paint to the brick color such as beige, gray or gold. You need to make sure that the door harmonize with your house and enhance its curb appeal.
  • Sandstone is one of the popular materials for home exteriors. The primary color is gray. You can either blend a few darker or lighter shades to make the exteriors eye-catching. Red, blue, yellow are some of the primary colors that look great.

All the above mentioned ideas can help you enhance the overall appearance of the home exterior. Before you start painting the whole door, paint color on a plywood plank and match it with your garage door.

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